26 Jan 2024

Epsilon Acquires Principia Partners, Strengthening its Product Offering

Epsilon Technologies Group today announced its acquisition of Principia Partners LLC, thereby adding the Principia Analytic System to its product line alongside ETS, a comprehensive and sophisticated trade management platform designed specifically for Federal Home Loan Banks, GSEs and regional banks. ...Read More

08 Nov 2023

Principia Names Douglas Long CEO

Principia Partners LLC today announced the appointment of Dr. Douglas V. Long as Chief Executive Officer. ...Read More

03 Jul 2023

IOSCO Statement on Alternatives to USD LIBOR

The IOSCO issued a statement regarding replacements to USD LIBOR which included warnings about the misuse of Term SOFR and Credit Sensitive Rates. ...Read More

26 Apr 2023

OCC Issues Joint Statement on LIBOR Transition

The OCC today issued a joint statement to remind banks that U.S. dollar (USD) LIBOR panels will end on June 30, 2023, and to emphasize that it is important that banks with USD LIBOR exposure complete their transition of remaining LIBOR contracts as soon as practicable. ...Read More

03 Apr 2023

FCA Announces Decision on Synthetic USD LIBOR

The FCA has announced that it will compel LIBOR's administrator (ICE) to continue publishing 1-, 3- and 6-month USD LIBOR settings using an unrepresentative 'synthetic' methodology until September 2024. ...Read More

10 Mar 2023

ISDA Guidance on Bloomberg Fallback Rates

Fallbacks seem like a simple replacement rate, but it's not so simple after all. This ISDA guidance gives some of the clearest language to date on the "gotchas" of IBOR Fallbacks. ...Read More

03 Mar 2023

Bloomberg Resources for LIBOR Transition

Bloomberg has a number of helpful fact sheets, guides and rulebooks for managing the LIBOR Transition which they have recently updated. ...Read More

22 Feb 2023

CME Publishes Eurodollar Fallback Implementation Plan

The CME announced it will convert all eligible Eurodollar futures and options to their SOFR equivalents on April 14, 2023. ...Read More

05 Oct 2022

FASB Meeting Decisions

The FASB voted to defer the sunset date of Topic 848 to December 31, 2024 and to remove the Reference Rate Reform - FV Hedge project from its technical agenda. ...Read More

29 Sep 2022

FCA Announces Decision on Cessation of Synthetic GBP LIBOR

The FCA has decided to permanently cease publication of the 1M- and 6M- synthetic GBP LIBOR at the end of March 2023. ...Read More

17 Aug 2022

CME Publishes USD LIBOR Swap Conversion Methodology

CME has published the methodology for converting cleared USD LIBOR swaps to their SOFR equivalents. ...Read More

04 May 2022

New initiative for SOFR Options announced by CME.

CME has announced a new market initiative aimed at speeding up adoption and liquidity for SOFR Options in June and July of 2022. ...Read More

22 Apr 2022

The latest analysis of RFR adoption is now available.

RFR global activity continues to increase and has grown significantly in the last quarter. ...Read More

20 Apr 2022

FASB has proposed chances to RFR guidance

The FASB has proposed that reference rate relief guidance period be extended and to also consider SOFR Swap Rates as benchmark interest rates. ...Read More

18 Oct 2021

OCC Releases Self-Assessment Tool for Banks: LIBOR Transition

The OCC has updated their Self-Assessment Tool for Banks regarding the LIBOR Transition, to help them evaluate their preparedness for the cession of LIBOR. ...Read More

15 Oct 2021

CFTC Selects November 8 for SOFR First for Non-Linear Derivatives

The Interest Rate Benchmark Reform Subcommittee of the CFTC has voted to select November 8th, 2021 for switching interdealer trading conventions from LIBOR to SOFR for USD non-linear derivatives. ...Read More

31 Aug 2021

FAQs for ARRC's Best Practice Recommendations for SOFR Term Rates

The ARRC has published a set of Frequently Asked Questions regarding their Best Practice Recommendations for the Use of SOFR Term Rates ...Read More

8 Jun 2021

SOFR First Initiative

The CFTC has officially recommended that interdealer trading conventions should switch to SOFR from July 26, 2021 for linear swaps. ...Read More

09 Apr 2021

A Look at SOFR Swaption, Cap/Floor, and Exotic Trade Levels

Trading volumes for SOFR-based caps and floors seems to be gaining some momentum though other SOFR-based options are picking up at a much slower pace. ...Read More

22 Mar 2021

IBOR Fallback Rule Book and FAQs

In addition to the IBOR Fallback Rate Adjustments Rule Book, published by ISDA and Bloomberg, Bloomberg has recently published a handy set of frequently asked questions on the topic. ...Read More

21 Mar 2021

ARRC Progress Report

The Alternative Reference Rates Committee (ARRC) today issued its progress report on the transition away from U.S. Dollar LIBOR. ...Read More

30 Nov 2020

The Federal Reserve's Statement on LIBOR Cessation

The push to transition away from LIBOR gained some needed muscle today with a statement from FRB, FDIC, and the OCC. ...Read More

19 Aug 2020

Principia Announces Early Achievement of SOFR Readiness Targets

Principia announced that both their enterprise platform, Principia Analytic System, and online valuation service, pasVal meet or exceed all SOFR readiness targets as itemized by the ARRC in their Internal Systems & Processes: Transition Aid for SOFR Adoption guide, published in July 2020. ...Read More

14 Jul 2020

TPG to Provide Derivative Valuations via Principia's pasVal Service

Principia announced a new alliance with TPG, a leading developer of streamlined front-to-back office investment accounting and management software solutions. ...Read More

06 Jul 2020

CME's Mid-Year Recap of SOFR Ecosystem Published

Key Highlights from CME Summary of SOFR Ecosystem Mid-Year Recap. ...Read More

21 Apr 2020

ISDA's Q1 2020 Updates for Interest Rate Derivatives

Key highlights from ISDA's 1st Quarter review of the interest rate derivatives market. ...Read More

03 Mar 2020

Mar-20 SOFR Market Adoption

SOFR basis swaps have begun to overtake SOFR OIS swaps though this seems due to traded notional instead of trade count. ...Read More

02 Mar 2020

NY Fed Begins Publication of SOFR Averages and SOFR Index

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York is now publishing three daily compounded averages and a daily SOFR index to aid those calculating compounded averages over custom time periods. ...Read More

12 Feb 2020

NY Fed to Publish SOFR Averages and SOFR Index

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York is now publishing three daily compounded averages and a daily SOFR index to aid those calculating compounded averages over custom time periods. ...Read More

21 Jan 2020

ISDA's Full Year 2019 Interest Rate Benchmarks Review

Key highlights from ISDA's Interest Rate Benchmark Review for Q4 and Full Year 2019. ...Read More

3 Dec 2019

Coming Soon: SOFR Discounting on Interest Rate Swaps

Both the CME and LCH are planning to perform a coordinated single-day transition from discounting all cleared USD interest rate swap products with the EFFR to SOFR. ...Read More

27 Nov 2019

ISDA's First Half 2019 Key Derivatives Market Trends Review

Key trends from ISDA's OTC Derivatives Markets Review for First Half 2019. ...Read More

24 Oct 2019

ISDA's Q3 2019 Updates for Interest Rate Derivatives

Key highlights from ISDA's 3rd Quarter review of the interest rate derivatives market. ...Read More

16 Oct 2019

FHLBanks LIBOR Transition

As of March 31, 2020, the FHLBanks should no longer enter into LIBOR-based transactions with maturities past December 31, 2021. ...Read More

30 Sep 2019

Sep-19 SOFR Market Adoption

SOFR-based OIS trading continued growth in Q3 2019 with SOFR basis swaps starting to keep pace. ...Read More

5 Sep 2019

Sep-19 LIBOR Replacement: Watchlist

Momentum grows and other markets begin to prepare for the ripple effects of LIBOR replacement. ...Read More

16 Jul 2019

Jun-19 SOFR Market Adoption

SOFR-based OIS trading had big increases at the end of Q2 2019. ...Read More

29 May 2019

FASB ASU 2017-12 Deadline Draws Near

FASB ASU 2017-12 Deadline Draws Near and pasVal is here to help ...Read More

10 May 2019

May-19 LIBOR Replacement: Watchlist

Fallback language takes shape and a "big bang" transition for discounting with SOFR gets attention from the CME. ...Read More

10 May 2019

ISDA's Q1 2019 Updates for Interest Rate Derivatives

Key highlights from ISDA's 1st Quarter review of the interest rate derivatives market. ...Read More

25 Mar 2019

Principia Now Offering a Comprehensive Solution for SOFR Derivatives

Principia announced the full integration of SOFR into their platform, Principia SFP, and the online derivatives valuation service powered by it, pasVal. ...Read More

20 Mar 2019

Mar-19 SOFR Market Adoption

SOFR-based OIS trading grew significantly at the start of 2019. ...Read More

12 Mar 2019

Mar-19 LIBOR Replacement: Watchlist

SOFR-based issuance and SOFR futures trading took big leaps in February. ...Read More

24 Jan 2019

ISDA's Q4 2018 Updates for Interest Rate Derivatives

Key highlights from ISDA's 4th Quarter review of the interest rate derivatives market. ...Read More

6 Dec 2018

Nov-18 SOFR Market Adoption

SOFR issuances, futures, and swaps all significantly increased trading in October and November 2018. ...Read More

30 Nov 2018

Nov-18 LIBOR Replacement: Watchlist

ISDA announces preliminary fallback methodology, SOFR continued growth and the ECB discontinued some tenors of EURIBOR. ...Read More

16 Nov 2018

ISDA's Q3 2018 Updates for Interest Rate Derivatives

Key highlights from ISDA's 3rd Quarter review of the interest rate derivatives market. ...Read More

8 Nov 2018

Principia Offers SOFR Impact Assessments with pasVal

Principia announced its new service: impact assessments for the US market transition from LIBOR to SOFR. ...Read More

31 Oct 2018

Oct-18 LIBOR Replacement: Watchlist

FASB officially added SOFR as an approved rate for hedge accounting and a new idea for LIBOR transitions took shape. ...Read More

25 Oct 2018

FASB Issues Accounting Standards Update No. 2018-16

Derivatives and Hedging (Topic 815): Inclusion of SOFR OIS as a Benchmark Interest Rate for Hedge Accounting Purposes. ...Read More

28 Sep 2018

Sep-18 LIBOR Replacement: Watchlist

SOFR-related debt issuances and swaps continued to increase and fallback language was put forth for consultation. ...Read More

11 Sep 2018

SOFR Derivatives Now Available in pasVal

Market participants can now fully capture and value SOFR derivatives via subscription to pasVal's monthly online valuation service. ...Read More

31 Aug 2018

Aug-18 LIBOR Replacement: Watchlist

In August, the market made new strides in accepting alternative rates to LIBOR, particularly for SOFR in the US. ...Read More

24 Jul 2018

Jul-18 LIBOR Replacement: Watchlist

In June and July, there were new market developments on the LIBOR replacement front: ...Read More

31 May 2018

May-18 LIBOR Replacement: Watchlist

In May, there were further important developments on the LIBOR replacement front: ...Read More

17 Apr 2018

Apr-18 LIBOR Replacement: Watchlist

Several new and important developments on the LIBOR replacement front, not least of which was the publication of SOFR. ...Read More

5 Mar 2018

The ARRC Issues Updated Report

The ARRC has updated their initial report on LIBOR replacements ...Read More

28 Feb 2018

Feb-18 LIBOR Replacement: Watchlist

In February, there were a few new and important developments on the LIBOR replacement/reform front: ...Read More

20 Feb 2018

FASB Proposes Update to Benchmark Interest Rates

FASB proposed an update to expand the list of U.S. benchmark rates permitted in the application of hedge accounting. ...Read More

08 Nov 2017

Nov-17 LIBOR Replacement: Watchlist

pasVal's special summary watchlist to help you prepare for the upcoming changes to LIBOR and its potential replacements. ...Read More

07 Nov 2017

More Webinars for FHLBanks and Swap Advisors...

Webinars specifically for FHLBanks and Swap Advisors showing how pasVal easily provides valuations, CVA, and HET. ...Read More

26 Sep 2017

Let Us Show You How...

Webinars showing how easy comprehensive Hedge Effectiveness testing is in pasVal. ...Read More

31 Aug 2017

FASB Simplifies Derivatives Hedge Accounting

FASB has announced important improvements to hedge accounting requirements for derivatives' risk profiles. ...Read More

30 Jun 2017

New Hedge Effectiveness Capabilities with pasVal

pasVal's push-button hedge effectiveness testing now includes prospective tests for the dollar offset method. ...Read More

25 Apr 2017

HET Made Easy with pasVal

pasVal hosted webinars in April and May to show comprehensive hedge effectiveness testing at the push of a button. ...Read More

29 Nov 2016

Valuation, CVA and HET Webinar

pasVal hosted webinars to specifically show financial institutions how to make valuations, CVA and HET easier than ever. ...Read More

26 Oct 2016

GASB Reporting Webinar

pasVal hosted a webinar to show just how easy your GASB derivative reporting could be. ...Read More

31 Aug 2016

GASB 72 Derivative Reporting Webinars

pasVal hosted three webinars to show just how easy your GASB 72 derivative reporting could be. ...Read More

1 Jul 2016

FHLBanks demo on independent valuations, CVA and HET

pasVal hosted a webinar specifically to show financial institutions how to make valuations, CVA & HET easier than ever. ...Read More

3 Feb 2016

GASB 53 Reporting and Effectiveness Testing Made Easy

pasVal provides full hedge effectiveness testing and reporting to help state and local governments comply with GASB 53 ...Read More

1 Feb 2016

Make Sure You've Got Your OIS Bases Covered with this Comprehensive Checklist

Make no mistake, switching to OIS Discounting can have a material impact. Use our OIS Checklist to make sure you've got all your bases covered. ...Read More

15 Dec 2015

Straightforward OIS Discounting Impact Assessment with pasVal

Get OIS discounting impact assessments from Principia’s derivatives valuation service, pasVal. ...Read More

15 Oct 2015

Principia Makes Complex Valuations More Accessible with pasVal

pasVal is an online portfolio valuation, risk, and accounting service from the derivatives portfolio experts, Principia. ...Read More