SOFR Derivatives Now Available in pasVal

Complete Deal Capture and Valuations for SOFR Derivatives Now Available with pasVal

New York, NY – September 11, 2018 - Principia Partners LLC, a leading solution provider for derivative and structured finance operations, today announced the launch of its feature set to fully capture and value SOFR derivatives via subscription to their monthly online valuation service, pasVal.

As the pace quickens around US market adoption of the potential LIBOR and/or OIS replacement, SOFR, more and more participants have begun trading SOFR-based derivatives. pasVal’s support for SOFR derivatives, including those with optionality, gives users the ability to properly construct a range of SOFR derivatives, as well as price them with confidence. With pasVal, anyone can begin trading SOFR derivatives immediately, without waiting for existing system modifications or upgrades.

Dr. Douglas Long, the EVP of Product Strategy for Principia said, “our mission is to bring the power of Principia’s proven derivatives valuations to the market in the easiest-yet manner. pasVal’s simple, month-by-month subscription allows anyone who needs reliable and independent valuations to get them without also having to install or implement cumbersome tools or software. Our SOFR capabilities mean there is nothing standing in the way for someone who wants to be a player as this new rate gathers steam.”

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About Principia Partners

Principia Partners LLC provides solutions for derivative and fixed income operations. Global financial institutions and independent asset managers have used the award-winning Principia Analytic System since 1995 to unify valuations, portfolio management, risk surveillance, hedge accounting and operational control across the breadth of fixed income and derivative products. In 2015, Principia launched its Analytic Service, pasVal, to make its award-winning pricing and analytics available to an even broader range of businesses.