About Us

pasVal is a service of Principia Partners, who have specialized in derivative valuations since 1995. A broad range of financial institutions and independent investment managers have relied on Principia for official valuations, risk analysis, and accounting of their derivative portfolios for over 20 years.

pasVal leverages this expertise by providing a simple, web-based interface to the powerful valuation engine developed by Principia. pasVal provides streamlined access to sophisticated pricing tools needed to grow a business; and pasVal does this online--without requiring investments in cumbersome software or system infrastructure..

pasVal supports a wide range of solutions for swap and derivative valuations, risk management and hedge accounting: ASC 815 (FAS 133), ASC 820 (FAS 157), GASB 53, GASB 72, IFRS 9 (IAS 39), IFRS 13, CVA, DVA, stress testing, cash flows, and hedge effectiveness (retrospective & prospective HET). pasVal has been a leader in the transition away from LIBOR and offers full support for replacements such as SOFR as well as impact assessments and automated fallback updates.